Corey, the pup and I recently moved from Charlotte, NC to Nashville, TN.  On about 16 days notice…

It was tough getting it all done, but we got packed, and worked hard to touch up the house so it could go on the market.  Corey’s job promotion is such a good thing for us, and selling the house is really the only downside to this whole change.  (I will try to refrain from all bitterness related to the housing market…)  Anyway, I wanted to put up some pics of the house and the move in progress, so I can remember the good times.

Front Porch


Living Room

Living Room Ledge,  Fireplace,  Karma steals the show…


Dining Room

Dining Room and Kitchen



Kitchen Views (and my favorite clock!)

Kitchen Island and Laundry Room


Master Bedroom

Now lets go upstairs…


Corey’s Man Loft


My Crafty Room

The quilting wall, sewing station, and the dumpster jewelry chest that I turned into more sewing storage.


Guest Bedroom

This is my favorite room, though it was rarely this clean!

Powder Room and Guest Bathroom


The Big Move!  Its bizarre to see all your junk sitting in the yard 🙂

The empty house, Karma supervising, Corey and Tim packing the truck.

Yep, we filled up a 26 foot truck!

So, thats it for Charlotte.  Another chapter in our life comes to a close, and we look forward to settling down in Nashville!   We’ll be renting for a while, but I’m excited about having a new place to decorate.  I’ll be posting pictures of our new apartment/blank canvas soon!