The weekend before we moved, Corey’s company flew us out to Nashville to find a place to live.  We spent two days driving around in a rental car trying to find a 3 bedroom place that was close in size to our house in Charlotte.

Well,  apparently there was no such thing, and the leasing agents thought we were lunatics to try to find a place on a weeks notice!   After striking out in a sketchy complex, Corey spotted British Woods across the street, and we drove in on a whim.  They only had a two bedroom unit available, but we really liked it, and the layout felt a lot like our house.  We kept up the search over the next day, but kept coming up short on affordable 3 bedroom layouts.  At this point, we had to make a decision, had to have a place to live, and ended up going back to sign a lease with British Woods.  So far we love it here, and it oddly feels more cozy and more like *home* than our old house did.

Corey totally claims this as his win.  And I let him have the victory, because for all my planning and searching, what we needed came to us out of the blue.  Which reminds me, again, to be humble and take a step back.  I can make all the plans I want, but ultimately I am NOT in control.  Sometimes what you end up with is so much more than what you thought you were looking for!

So here it is.  A sneak peek into our new apartment.  Please pardon the bad lighting in the photos.

Downstairs – Living Room – Fireplace

Downstairs – Living Room

Downstairs – Kitchen

Downstairs – Dining Area

Upstairs – Master Bedroom

Upstairs – Master Bedroom

Upstairs – Bathroom

Upstairs – 2nd Bedroom/Computer Room


It didn’t stay empty for long (remember the 26 foot truck full of stuff?), and I’ll put up some “after” or “under construction” pictures soon!