This is my favorite guacamole recipe, and would be a quick and easy snack to take to a holiday party.  It only takes a couple minutes longer than throwing together chips and salsa, and it just goes to show that adding an extra ingredient or two can make all the difference in how a dish tastes.  The garlic and sour cream give the dip that little extra tang that takes it from “good” to “awesome.


2 avocados
1-2 cloves fresh garlic
1 pkg guacamole mix (Concord Farms)
2 tbsp light sour cream (full fat if you’re feelin’ frisky… or nonfat plain yogurt if you’re feeling virtuous)

Cut avocados in half, twist and remove the pit.  Scrape the “meat” out of the skin with a spoon.  Mince garlic, or use a garlic press (a very heavily used item in my kitchen), and add to avocado.  Mash together, and stir in guacamole mix and sour cream.  Refrigerate for 30 minutes to chill and let the flavors come together.

You can also add a little bit of lime juice if you want to keep it from turning brown too soon.  I usually just press some plastic wrap down on top so the air can’t get at it.

This is great on its own as a dip with tortilla chips, or you can use it as a spread or garnish.  I was out of mustard today, and came up with this tasty creation:

A cajun turkey sandwich with guacamole and tomatoes.  Yum!