Here is a reprint of my cake ball post from last year.  Make some today.

It’s worth it.

I must spread the gospel of cake balls.

This is all you need to make these nuggets of deliciousness:

Red Velvet Cake Mix
Oil and 1 Egg
Can of Cream Cheese Frosting
White Chocolate Candy Coating
A Little Time

Here we go…

Mix together the cake mix, following the box’s instructions. Then bake in a 9×13 pan.

Let it cool, then dig in with your hands and get it all crumbled up.

Put the crumbles into a bowl, then add in plops of the cream cheese frosting.

Mix together. I use a big metal spoon, and just keep stirring until it all comes together. Refrigerate this for about 30 minutes minimum up to a few hours. It should look really dense, like this:

Here comes the repetitive part. This is the best way I’ve found to create a cake ball that will hold together when you coat it: Plop a scoop of batter into your hand, flatten it into an oblong shape, THEN roll it around to make a round ball.

Repeat times 60 or so… 🙂

Now wash your hands, you dirty animal!

Now comes the part when you coat the cake with the white chocolate candy coating. There was no way I could take photos of this while actually doing it, because it does require two hands. But basically, you just melt the coating, roll the cake balls around in it, then lift them out and let some of the coating fall away. Place them on a sheet of waxed paper. And here is my special tip: use a toothpick or skewer to “draw” a circle around the bottom edge. This will make sure that you don’t have a huge “foot” of coating at the bottom when you lift them off the waxed paper.

Also – if you only want to coat a portion of the cake balls at a time, you can freeze the rest of them for later use.

You can also drizzle some of the extra coating over top.

I kind of like them just plain and round and white and pristine and beautiful. But again, its not going to matter once you bite into them.