It’s apparently been an unseasonably cold winter here in Nashville.  All I know is that our new apartment is a little drafty around the doors and windows!

So, what should we do?   Maybe purchase this boring piece of crap from Amazon for $13.99 + shipping?

No way!

Instead, I’ll finally use up all those fabric swatches I took from Storehouse years ago…

I loosely followed the instructions from this site, but mostly improvised the measurements since I was using bits and pieces of scrap fabric.  I’ve learned that a seam allowance can hide a multitude of irregular edges.

Honestly, I didn’t even trim the tops so they would all be the same height.  I just stitched all the pieces together at the sides, then trimmed the excess off afterward.  Then fold the long strip in half with the right sides together, pin, and stitch down one short side and the long side.  Turning the tube right side out was the most aggravating part, but mostly because my scrap pieces were shorter than they could have been and it was a tight squeeze.  Once it was all stitched together, I poured plain old rice into it and hand-stitched the end closed.

One site I read said that a draft stopper could save you 10-25% on your monthly energy bill.   I haven’t done any hard and fast calculations, but both Corey and I can tell a big difference in the office and bedroom.  The fabric samples were free, and I already had some thread, so three of these only cost $1.50 (for the bag of rice).  Now I just need to make a few more for the kitchen and living room!