Threw a bridal shower for my best bud Holly.

Planted some veggies in old tires in the back yard.

We celebrated April birthdays by wiggin’ out!

I tried out my new dough whisk and made some delicious French bread.

Andrea and I went on a Spring Break/Birthday trip to the beach.

I was the Maid-of-Honor in a beautiful wedding.

I saw a Broadway show with Mom, Cindy and Andrea.

We made funny faces while we waited for “Wicked” to start.

Had an awesome time camping with family and friends at Mt. Mitchell.

Andrea and a certain large bear-dog spent the summer with us.  We went hiking at the nature preserve.

We also did lots of thrifting!

I started a quilt.  Turned out to be really ambitious.  Hopefully I’ll finish it in 2011!

Had a great visit with Corey’s family in Roanoke Rapids.

We celebrated our 5 year anniversary!!

Celebrated another birthday with good friends,

coincidentally, this was the night before Corey’s big interview.

That led to this:

We packed up and moved to Nashville, TN.

Karma settled in really quickly.

Corey, Pup and I took a trip to Mom and Dad’s house for a long Christmas break.


It was an awesome year.  Full of ups and downs, sure, but we had to go through it all to get where we are now.  All Corey’s hard work in retail finally paid off, and he got the promotion he deserved.  Now we have the chance to start a brand new year in a brand new city, and get down to the business of living our new lives!  Here’s to 2011!