For the past week or so, I’ve been trying to hash out some resolutions for the new year.  There are things that I want to do this year, but no hard and fast goals are emerging.  I think more than anything I just want to live a more steady life from day to day.

You see, I’m a relentless self-improver.  I always want to be the best, and find ways to do things better, faster, and smarter.  I’m compulsive and tend to go to extremes with things, plunging ahead full speed toward perfection, only to burn out a few days later.

This year I want to find a more calm and steady pace in life.  Find that “happy medium” between work and crafting and down time, just cruising down the middle of the road instead of floundering from lethargy to manic productivity.  I want to be efficient enough that things get done, but still have time to enjoy the ride.

This “steadiness” can really apply to every aspect of life…  Creating attainable routines to keep the house clean and afloat, instead of letting it sit for days then spending a whole day attacking the mess OCD style.   Taking the time to plan and cook wholesome food for the Mr. and I instead of resorting to fast food, snacks, and dinners out all the time.  Being more consistent with small amounts of exercise daily, instead of doing nothing for weeks on end, then embarking on a soul crushing regime of hardcore physical fitness.  And on and on…

So that is the goal of the year in general, but there are a few specific things I wanna focus on:

1 – Documenting our lives better.  Taking more pictures, posting them or putting albums together, and looking back at all the fun times.  It’s a proven way to boost happiness  🙂

2 – Acknowledging birthdays and special occasions better – either with cards or visits.

3 – Getting rid of the junk in our life.  Physical junk,  food junk, and mental junk.  Decluttering is an on-going battle for me (I’m blaming genetics), and I also want to continue eliminating processed and chemical-laden foods from our diet.

Ok, that’s all I’m willing to put in print and send out into the world.  Let’s get to it!  Go 2011!