Ok.  So.

I had this awesome, home cooked, all-from-scratch dinner planned.  I was gonna try a new recipe, and was feeling supremely righteous.  That should be your first clue as to how this all turned out.

The plan was to make these salmon turnovers, with a side of homemade rice-a-roni and green beans.  Then, I was gonna match up some leftover apples with the extra cresent rolls from the salmon recipe to make apple turnovers for dessert.


I made the rice-a-roni ahead of time and it turned out pretty well.  Gotta few tweaks I want to try, but Corey gave the first draft a thumbs up, so this one will definitely stick around.  However, when I pulled the salmon turnovers out of the oven and got a whiff of them, I thought I was gonna puke!   Something about the smell just didn’t work for me, and when I pulled one apart to look at the inside, it was over.  The recipe sounded so good, and I imagine some people would love it, but it was not for me and Corey agreed!

So without any other meat thawed out, dinner became really random.  Corey had the rice-a-roni and his favorite fall-back of grilled provolone cheese sandwiches.  I was so turned off by the salmon mess, that I wanted something completely different.  So, I came up with this new creation, all from the fridge and pantry:

(Pardon the poorly-lit pictures,  the sun had already gone down!)

Kashi cereal flakes and a tbsp of wheat germ* go in the bottom of the bowl.

Top with light/fat free vanilla flavored yogurt.

Add sauteed diced apples.  (Heat a tbsp of butter in a small pan, add diced apples, apple pie spice, and a dash of ground ginger**.  Saute for 10 or so minutes until the apples soften.)

Top with more yogurt and chopped pecans.

This was SO good!  It tasted like dessert, but without the usual dessert guilt.  I will definitely make this again!


*The heart of the wheat grain.  Its packed with fiber, protein, vitamins and trace minerals.  I don’t think it has much of a flavor, maybe a little nutty.  I add it to almost everything, especially smoothies, yogurt, applesauce and oatmeal, because I like a little crunchiness.
**Super secret ingredient.  Makes apples taste awesome, and is also anti-inflammatory.