Here’s a good way to use up old t-shirts or tank tops.  I got this tank top at a thrift store to wear to the gym, but its so wide that I felt like an Oompa Loompa every time I wore it.  I like the pattern though, and I feel bad about just getting rid of it, so I’m turning it into some cleaning towels.

Cut the top off the shirt under the arm holes.

Cut off the side seams, and trim the shirt to a square or rectangle shape.

Cut off a 1″ x 8″ strip, then pull on both ends til the edges curve in on each other.

Cut a 1″ slit in the shirt (either in the middle, or at one of the corners, depending on how you want it to hang).

Tie the strip into a loop, and slip it through the hole from the back to the front.  Put the plain end of the loop under the knotted end of the loop, and pull tight (or Google Cow’s Hitch or Lark’s Head knot…)

Now you can hang it up!

I made a little pile of these, and I’ve really liked using them.  They’re good for dusting, wiping off countertops, and especially dirty jobs because you don’t feel like you’re messing up a towel you payed good money for (maybe thats just me…).  I also like being able to hang them to dry before throwing them in the laundry basket.  Anything that makes my cleaning easier is always welcome!