I’ve been meaning to post an update on here for at least a month, but laziness and procrastination always seem to get the best of me.  My last post was back in February, and all I can say is I’m incredibly thankful that my computer saves login names and passwords!

I *do* have a pretty good excuse for my absence though…  You see, I’ve been growing this little bean:

About a month ago, we found out it was going to be a little girl.  We decided to name her Alice Fae after our Grandmothers (and my Mom’s middle name).  She is kicking me even as I type!

I haven’t been so great about documenting this pregnancy, mostly because I felt so constantly nauseous for the first 3-4 months.  Even now at 24 weeks, I’ve only gained about 6 pounds and barely have a baby belly.   Corey and I can certainly tell a difference, but most strangers aren’t saying anything yet.

There are lots of crafty plans in place and a tentative design for the “nursery”, but I seem to keep stalling out.  Mostly I’m just overwhelmed by the sheer amount of baby products on the market.  A lot of it just seems to be garishly colored, over-priced plastic crap, and I can’t bring myself to actually buy any of it yet!  As a crafty DIY-girl, I’m trying to find a happy medium between making everything myself,  re-purposing things,  buying used,  and buying new items.   Luckily, I still have 3 1/2 to 4 months to figure it all out!