Things are slowly, s-l-o-w-l-y, coming together for the nursery.  The baby will be sharing this room with Corey’s computer desk, so I’m trying to make it girly, without completely ruining Corey’s man-cave.  There are so many cute nursery items out there, but I’m trying not to spend a fortune since  #1 she won’t know or care, and #2 we’ll be moving to a bigger place within the next year or so.

I’m basically working with this wall:

These are bases I made for my work desk back when I was in college.  They used to hold my CPU, printer, and various office supplies, but I’m turning it into a changing table with storage.  I’m going to cover the rag-tag assortment of crates and bins with some “curtains” – just another excuse to use the owl fabric I ordered.

Here’s the convertible crib I bought on craigslist.

I also made a little baby quilt and some crib sheets.

My stash of baby clothes.

And some baby Puma sneakers (!!!)  Gotta love Corey’s job!

I’m currently working on some window treatments, a crib bumper and a crib skirt.  As soon as I make one thing, I think of something else I want!   I just want to get the nursery knocked out so I can make some dresses and other cute stuff!