The nursery is still coming together, and not a moment too soon.

We’re 21 days away from the due date!

This was the mountain of clothing and blankets we brought home from the baby shower:

Which magically morphed into this:

(after a long day of doing laundry, that is…)

And lets just gaze upon Ali’s shoe collection for a second.

Pretty impressive for an unborn child!

I’ve also been working on some DIY re-do projects:  fixing up a lamp from the thrift store, a table I found behind the dumpster, and an old wicker basket.  Here’s what it looked like mid-process:

And here’s the before and after:

I also finished up the wall “decal” I’ve been working on to go over the crib.  I found the idea online, but it wasn’t in the colors I wanted.  And.  Let’s be honest.  There was no way I was paying $60+ for a giant sticker.

So, this is the sum of the parts.  I just wish the lighting was better for pictures…