Hey there!  I’m Miss Amanda…  Just one more crafty lady from a long line of crafty ladies.  My background is in Interior Design, but I’ve left the professional design world (for now) and I’m free to spend most of my time at home cooking, crafting, nesting and taking care of my husband and a sweetheart Corgi named Karma.  I’ve taught myself how to be more frugal, so I can just work part time serving massive quantities of Italian food to help pay the bills and support my creative habits.

We recently moved from Charlotte, NC to Nashville, TN, and I’ve started up my blogging again to document this new phase of our lives.  My goal is to be more productive creatively, maybe start up my Etsy shop again, and continue my quest to compile a workable cookbook.  All of which I hope to share on this site!

A note about my recipes:  I love to bake.  I love to cook.  And I definitely love to eat.   BUT.   I’m really weirded out by the chemicals and unknown ingredients in processed and convenience foods.  I grew up eating that stuff, but over the past few years I’ve been testing recipes that use fresh, natural ingredients to recreate the comfort foods I love.   Now that doesn’t mean that everything here is healthy, but everything in moderation, right?   ; )